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Welcome to New Medical Careers

High Quality Patient Care is what both health care professionals and health care employers strive for.

Searching for a new job or the right candidate to fill a vacancy takes time and energy which compromises the ability to provide quality patient care.

New Medical Careers, Inc.* matches high quality health care professionals with high quality health care career opportunities.

We act as a career agent for the health care professional, locating positions that best match their career goals and represent them through the interview and hiring process.

We save time and energy so both the health care professional and employer can focus on providing high quality patient care, now and in the future.

*New Medical Careers, Inc. is part of a group of over 400 affiliates nationwide. This provides us with the resources and combined expertise to assist in finding you the job or candidate that you desire. We specialize in matching health care professionals with employers of choice.

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